Monday, May 24, 2010

TTC Monday

I'm officially in my 2ww. What if right at this very minute, the beautiful mixture of my smile and ears and Dallas's sense of humor and brown hair is coming to life. What if in a few weeks, I get to have my own facebook pregnancy announcement. What if when we sign the lease on our apartment, we get to ask for a two bedroom. What if the letters to Baby C. now actually have a future reader.

I'm in awe of what could be.

I'm terrified of what might not be.

I'm trying to keep an "Oh, it'll happen whenever" attitude. Its so not easy.



  1. I feel so silly asking--what's "2ww"?

    When I saw your tweet about heartburn, you know what I thought, I'll bet... :D :D

  2. Here's hoping you are baking a bun in your oven RIGHT now!

  3. awe - come on little one - peculate in there!! totally hate the 2ww...I think i'm in it but I don't know when it'll end.

  4. How exciting...the 2ww is both horible and wonderful at the same time. fingers crossed!

  5. Found your blog through Beckie and hope that the end of your 2ww comes with exciting news!


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