Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stuff My Husband Says

WTF Guys! I lost a blog follower. I'm so sad now. Whyyyyyyy? Why did you leave? Was I too strange? What? I'll change!

Wait. No I won't. Like Popeye says, "I am what I am and that's all I am."

So, Sunday and yesterday were really awful days for me. I was traumatized, for real, not just me being dramatic. And then I was sick.

Him: I hope you're hungry tomorrow.

Me: Well, I usually am hungry on a daily basis.

Him: Well, I thought I'd take you out to dinner, since your last two days have been pretty bad.

Me: Oh, that's so sweet!

Him: Now, don't go thinking that just because you have a bad day, I'm going to take you out.



  1. I'm sorry you lost a follower too :( I lost one at the end of last week and I kinda freaked. It makes me sad. I still <3 you and the hilarious stuff your hubby says :)

  2. Sorry you lost a follower. I am still following and have no plans of leaving.

  3. Lol- I think we should always get takin out when we have bad days! That's sweet of him for wanting to take you out after a bad few says tho! Go Dallas!


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