Monday, July 12, 2010

TTC Monday

Dang. Monday again already? Well actually, I'm writing this Sunday, but posting it Monday. Aren't you glad I'm so on top of things? Getting a post written a whole day early!

Monday.. AKA CD 42.. AKA 14 days late.. Hell.

One call into my doctor. Two whole weeks late. Three negative pregnancy tests. Four re-counting of the calendar (like I could suddenly two weeks of my life!).

The last two months that I've taken the Femara, I've been exactly 28 days. So when I realized that I was like a week late, my hopes jumped up. I mean, jumped. Like trampoline jumped. What if this was really the month?! What if this time, it ends up happy?! What if I finally get to reveal to my family and friends (and the awesome way I plan on telling them) I'm pregnant?!

And you know when you think there might be a chance that you are pregnant, you start to have symptoms, whether they are real or imaginary, they are there. What? I have heartburn? I must be pregnant! I've peed how many times today? That's a sign! Are these just regular cramps, or is my uterus preparing to grow a child?! I've pretty much driven myself insane the past week. I thought about it more than my husband things about sex. Seriously.

And then a negative test.

Oh well, okay. I'll take another one in a few days if I need to.

And then a negative test.


So I took another test on Saturday morning. Negative. NEGATIVE? WTF?

And the few people that I've really confided in are so sweet. They are trying to keep my spirits up with stories of people who never ever test positive on a home pregnancy test. And as much as I want to believe that, its insane to think that I'm the exception to the rule. I'm just the rule. If three pregnancy tests have told me that I'm not, I'm probably not.

So today is Monday. Cycle day 42, 14 whole days late.

And I'm just ready to get whatever is going to happen to happen. Lets do this already!!



  1. Hi Sharon! We must be cycle buddies this month. I am also about CD42 on a femara cycle (this is my 1st time) and I have 3 negative tests (1 FRER and 2 at the Dr. office) I did have some midcycle spotting at CD21-23 that I was told wasn't my period .... but at this point I think it may have been.
    Just wanted you to know you are not along. I hope you get some answers soon.

  2. AZmamma, you know that embryo implantation can cause a bit of spotting? It did with my first daughter but not my second.

    Y'all hang in there.

    Sharon, no need to drive yourself nuts over this sweetie! Just take good care of yourself, do what the doctor said, and see what happens.

    Really, the more you test the more nuts you'll drive yourself. Costs a lot too.

    Have plenty of sex and do what the doctor says, sweetie! *hugs*


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