Friday, September 24, 2010

Just A Little Crush

Today's crush is more than a crush. Its the love of my life. My smokin' hot husband, Dallas. Sure, sometimes he's a grumpass. But we all are. He works so hard, and he's half the reason we have a good place to live. He's part of the reason that I'm able to get the help I need for my headaches. Sure, sometimes he gritches about it when we have to go back to the Urgent Care or ER for a shot, but he's allowed. I hate going there too, but at least I get a shot when I'm there so then I don't care.

He's the silent sufferer of my migraines. He spends many nights by himself while I'm writhing in pain in the bedroom, or sleeping off some meds. He takes care of me. He's my hero.

When I casually mention something that I like, or something I want, a few days later he'll come home with it. Without me asking for it. Just to surprise me. Just to make me happy. He's amazing.

And he's hot.


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  1. LOVE who your crush is today! Not that I LOVE him...but I love that you still crush your husband! Its a very important part of marriage! So happy that you are so happy and in love! XOXO ~ Heather


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