Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Little Glow Worm

Sunday, was a good day. My Little Glow Worm came over to play! Okay, maaaaybe she came over to eat and sleep and pee on my bed. But she got so much more than that!

Today, she is two months old! I KNOW! Before we know it she'll be hitting us up for campaign funds so she can run for President. SLOW DOWN BAILEY! Enjoy your youth! I had big plans when she came over on Sunday, at almost two months, it was time that she was introduced to the finer things in life.

And by the finer things, I of course mean Empire Records and Bowling For Soup.

First, we listed to Bowling For Soup's album Rock On Honorable Ones. GREAT album. Of course, I love all their albums, even the one that my Starbucks Boyfriend gave me.

Then, we watched Empire Records. You all know that its my favorite movie ever. EVER. And if you've seen this cinematic masterpiece, then you know why. Its simply awesome. Sure, we all have a crush on AJ, and cry when Corey and Gina have their fight over Gina being a little on the slooty side. (If you haven't seen it, don't worry, they make up!) And we can't hear the name Rex without singing "Oh Rexy, You're so sexy!". I could tell by the look on Bailey's face that she was ready to experience this kind of Joy. And I'm not gonna lie, she loved it.

Then, we started on Bailey's first art project. Hand prints and footprints in Parisian Pink to match her bedroom. The footprints were really easy, we did them while she was asleep. The hand prints... Not so much. She was none too happy with me trying to unclench her hands to put paint on them, and then even more unhappy when me trying to take that hand and put it flat on some paper. But the final turn out wasn't too bad. I added some really cute quotes to them for her mom. She can frame it and hang the up.

So, I'll say it again.. Sunday was a good day : )



  1. makes me smile!

  2. AUNT SHARON ROCKS!!!!! :) Great art project.


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