Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some Updates

Oh! I just remembered that I forgot to update you as to what is growing in my nose!

Ready? Its not what you think it is..

THEY DON'T KNOW! Good news is that no mold or fungus showed up, he says its probably some really really old blood, but they don't know for sure.

He said that I can have surgery if I want. Um, who wants surgery? He did tell me that he doesn't pack noses anymore, he says he hasn't in 20 years! I wish the last doctor had that same history, because nose packing HURTS. He said that now they have like a spray and foams up and expands and then dissolves on its own. He would open up the opening to my sphenoid sinus cavity, and also straighten my septum while he's in there.

For now, the plan is to wait a couple months, get a new CT scan, and see him again. If theres an infection, he really wants to go ahead with surgery. If not, then we can wait. It'll be beneficial for me to have the surgery in long run, because then I won't have to worry about infections in that cavity and have very few symptoms. The main one is headaches. And since I get headaches almost daily, I can't go by that!

So, I have a little bit to think about..

Also, they upgraded our earthquake to a 5.1. The 2nd strongest earthquake to hit Oklahoma. I'll say it again.. It was scary!


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  1. The earthquake sounds scary! Good luck with your nose and this Femera cycle! I just featured your blog!


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