Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Plan

When I say this out loud, it makes me want to lift my shirt and show my ta-tas to someone. And if you get that reference, then I heart you forever and lets be BFFs. I've been a slacking blogger the past week, but in my defense, there was a crazy holiday that took a lot of physical and mental preparation. The good news is that WE DID NOT RUN OUT OF MASHED POTATOES! Me: 1, Mashed Potatoes: 0!

Okay, now, to The Plan. I've put off writing this, honestly I think it was because I was still making sure that this was, in fact, THE Plan. And I feel pretty confident (today, at least), that it is.

The Plan

Even though I haven't had a positive OPK, my doctor and I feel that theres a good chance I am ovulating, since my cycles have been scarily regular. He told me not to use the OPKs that we buy at the store, that they aren't sensitive enough (for me, anyway). I have to order the OPKs online. He said that he thought they were only about 20-30 dollars, so not that much more expensive.

I'm continuing the Femara 5mg for another four cycles. Great news, I adore hot flashes and weepiness!

He recommended that my husband get a semen analysis. He's not too keen on the idea, but we talked about it, and we'll try for two months, and if we're still not pregnant, he'll make an appointment. His words: "They better have good porn."

If after four cycles we're still not harboring a teacup human, we'll move on to the HSG test to make sure everything is good. And then........

We'll go from there.

I told Jeffrey Tambor that four more months like this was the very longest I could go, because my sanity and well being was at stake. He told me that at any point in this, I could ask for the HSG and we can do it, that its in my hands. For right now, we'll wait it out. I'm afraid to move on, because then it's like okay, there really is a problem. My OB/Gyn can't handle it, I have to go to the RE. That seems so.. final. Does that make sense? Right now, I can still feel like yah, its frustrating, and sucks hard core, but its still in the normal range, because I'm still my regular doctor.

And I worry that I won't find another doctor as awesome as Jeffrey Tambor. I want him to be my doctor for everything.



  1. *hugs* Brave!

    It won't be so bad for Dallas. Life experience... LOL

  2. It's a good plan! I'm on Femara for the first time and I'm definitely having some hot flashes! And can I jut say when i read "teacup human" I laughed out loud? That is one of my favorite Eric quotes! That is what you were referencing, right?

  3. I COMPLETELY understand your decision in all of this.

    I put off going to the RE for almost 5 years, because it felt final to me too. It's a scary step and I think it can take a lot of emotional readiness to really get yourself moving in that direction. I know I had to really be ok with myself and know I would get more answers (and more help) by going.

    Basically I ended up going when my gyno said he couldn't do anything else with me and I was just frustrated.

    I hope that your eggo gets preggo before having to go to the RE, but know that if you do have to go, I'll be right there every step of the way (in your heart -sniffles-) <3

  4. That's a great plan! We kind of have a plan too. We're trying to do natural as long as possible. But if there's something wrong with my hormones like my OB thinks there might be, then I want to get it fixed. But Hubs just isn't one for drugs.

    I'm hoping that it happens for you soon so you don't even have to worry about moving on to an RE. :)


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