Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Through Z

This morning, I was thinking about Finding Nemo, probably because my sister was telling me that she just got that movie in the mail, and I was saying how I don't like to watch it because the beginning is SO TRAUMATIC. But I was thinking this morning that if I was a fish, and I had 26 little baby fish eggs, I'd have one name for every letter of the alphabet.

A- Anne Marie
B- Brent
C- Carrie
D- Devon
E- Eilfie
F- Ford
G- Ginger
H- Henrie
I- Isabell
J- Jonny
K- Kylie
L- Lucas
M- Myra
N- Nate
O- Octavia
P- Pete (I always wanted a friend named Pete..)
Q- Quinn
R- Reggie
S- Shane
T- Thom
U- Ursula
V- Vic
W- Winnie
X- Xander
Y- Yabel
Z- Zachariah
-Note- None of these are my future child's names.


1 comment:

  1. I have a friend named pete...he's pretty awesome.

    and yes the beginning of that movie is quite traumatic :( I still love the movie though...just FF through that first part...I do. :) Who could NOT love DORA!


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