Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Statement My Undies Make

I've been attempting to shop for new clothes, because it has been 3 years since I've bought any new clothes..

Him: "How come none of your undies are normal colored?"

Me: "Normal colored? Like what?"

Him: "Ya know, like white, that beige color. Normal."

Me: "My underwear makes a statement."

Him: "And what statement is that?"

Me: "That I am fun. And if I get in an accident and the EMTs have to cut my clothes off, I want them to see a hot pink bra and polka dotted panties. They'll think to themselves what an awesome person I must be."

Him: "Um."

Me: "And, they'll wonder what other colors and designs I have at home, and they'll want to party with me when I get all better. Which of course I won't, because I'm married to you. But they'll want to."



  1. I don't have "normal" colored underwear either. Well maybe my bra is beige. But all my underwear are fun designs! :)

  2. I wish mine weren't "normal". I hate having to wear bras that only come in white, tan or black. Large boobs suck.


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