Thursday, August 25, 2011


In two weeks I'm having surgery.


On my sinuses.


If the first doctor had done it right the first time, I wouldn't have to go through it again. All I can really remember from my first sinus surgery is throwing up blood, bleeding from my tear ducts (My friend Angela's favorite story..) and the pain.

Oh, the pain.

This new doctor is really nice. He says that he doesn't pack noses. I'm SO thankful for that, because I remember the packing, two huge Teflon coated gauze ropes in each side of my nose. I don't even know how they both fit up there. I just remember him ripping them out, and I was sure he pulled some of my brain out with them. I have asked my doctor specifically about the packing, several times. So, if I wake up with a packed nose, I will not be a happy patient.

I'm hopeful.

But, I'm trying to not put all my hopes on this surgery. Right now, I'm running around with a chronic sinus infection. Chronic staph infection. BY MY BRAIN. This cannot be a good thing. We are hoping that getting rid of that infection, and opening up the sinus cavity so it won't get infected again will help with my migraines. At this point, a 1% improvement would be welcome.

He also has to saw out a bone up there. Did you know that when bones are exposed to chronic infection, they get thicker? I was not aware. I have a bone somewhere up there that is like 10-15% thicker than it should be, and he has to saw that out. He is also going to straighten my septum, which is crooked like a Z.

This does not sound like fun.

But, it will be worth it in the long run.

And after this surgery? We are back to trying to make a baby..

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  1. I hope your surgery goes well! I have had sinus surgery once and am back to terrible sinuses again. UGH! I am thinking that I need to have surgery #2. As if infertility isn't enough~!!!!


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