Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jeffrey Tambor

So today is the day that I go to my new "girlie" doc, and he is a HE. And I don't mind telling you that I am a little less than excited to have another man look at my hoo-hoo. I'm mildly freaking out, but the rapid heart-beat and sweating hasn't started yet! I usually save that for when I am in the waiting room.. waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting. And to make things better, I looked at this guy online, and he looks like Jeffrey Tambor. How am I supposed to relax when he is telling me "you might feel a bit of pressure"... LOL. Besides that fact that its a man, and that its one more person in the world who has seen me minus clothing.. I am excited at the prospect of a doctor who actually listens to me and answers my questions. Because I will go completely insane if he mutters the phrase "Don't worry about it." And anyone who knows me, knows that I ask a LOT of questions, I'm like a 3-year old that way.

A good note for today is that I have been informed that I will be having Red Lobster for dinner tonight! And that a fancy dinner! Funny story this particular place of eatery, on our first "dinner" date, Dallas was going to take me to Red Lobster, and I told him that I wasn't dressed up enough to go there (Hey! Where I come from, that is practically formal!) and so we ended up and IHOP instead. And I learned there that he mixes all his food up on his plate, that's how you know he likes it : ) So if we are ever invited to someones house for dinner, keep that in mind.

So where did you go on your first "dinner" date?

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  1. With the person that i'm with now, our first dinner date, i guess would be the Arts Festival. Chicken Strips and fries under a tree on the curb in really hot humid april weather. Ahh...the good ol days. lol It was loverly. I would do it all over again. 20 times!


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