Thursday, August 28, 2008

So What If I Am a Citag!

All that freaking out and worrying yesterday for nothing, this man was amazing. He answered allllll my questions, and didn't make me feel dumb for asking them to begin with. He explained everything, helped me with my plans for the future. I just wanted to hug him when I left I was so happy.

And then! We went to the mall, and with much thanks to Jennifer for the discount thingies, I got the dress that I am going to get married in. Its not a big white fluffy wedding gown, that's not really my style, and well its a court house wedding so that might be a teensy bit much. Its just a regular dress, its red and black, the neck line plunges a little more than anything else I might wear (better to keep grooms attention?), but its such a pretty dress. And I don't care if no one else likes it. So here is my list of things that I still need to do for the fast approaching nuptials:
  • Find a bouquet of Daisies to carry with me.
  • Get a picture of my Poppy (Grandfather) to keep with me.
  • Find some shoes for my new dress (hehe, and just regular new shoes too)
  • Decide how I want my hair done (already got the appointment)
  • Figure out how do to my make-up! It has to be special make-up, but not tacky. I might have to enlist the help of my make-up wearing friends.. which is Jennifer LOL
  • Make invitations. Hey! I don't care if its just a court house wedding, I want the people who are coming to have invitations, and then I can keep one of them for my scrapbook, DUH.

Not too much to do really. And I think that my shower is going to be good too, I've heard a couple of people are coming, so that's good, people are acknowledging my shower. I was getting nervous.

I'm kind of in a bad effing mood today, and I know that its causing me to be a little citagy. So sorry if you think I am being a citag today. I think that it is because I had a bad dream about a family member.. not like a sad bad dream, but a mean bad dream. No bueno, kinda putting me in a funk. (Just right there I almost typed the f-word! I better not try to say that out loud!)

On a good note, Dallas traded in games yesterday and got me the 2008 Beijing Olympics game for the PS3! Anyone wanna play with me?

What games are you playing?

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  1. You know, One of the numerous times i was on jury duty, I was sitting outside on lunch and saw a girl come out in a huge wedding gown after getting married at the courthouse. So hey, it happens!


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