Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Forbidden Love

My favorite bands are Bowling For Soup, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, that kind of stuff, deep lyrics, lots of angst (even though I can't so much relate to the angst part anymore).. So, imagine my surprise when I am skimming through the radio this morning, and I hear a song by the Jonas Brothers. And I LOVED it. Its been in my head all morning now. How did this happen? The Jonas Brothers, really? I thought I was past that point in my musical liking. I mean I did the whole 'NSync thing.. Hardcore I might add LOL. And okay, I'll admit, I love the Jonas Brothers Target commercial, you say goodbye, I say hello, hello hello! That also gets in my brain and spends a few days there. I don't know what I can do about this. Do I try to deny my love, or go for it full force and buy a CD!

Who are your forbidden loves?


  1. so i don't know if this is the right type of forbidden love, but i'm in love with toys. Baby dolls, toy cars, horses on a stick, baby toys like the little xylaphones, anything that makes noise is cool.I love the toys you get in happy meals and stuff from fast food chains. I got boxes of the stuff in my parents attic. It's crazy!!! I would spend so much money on that stupid stuff and never play with it. Oh!!!!!!!! pound puppies!!! i adore pound puppies! stop the insanity with the cutesy toys!!!!!

  2. Toys are super cool.


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