Thursday, September 4, 2008


Jennifer sent me this amazingly awesome picture, that I will totally be blogging about in the near future, but due to the content of that picture, I have to wait until I can do it while I am not at work.. Yah.. its that good.

So yesterday I had a runny nose and like a sore throat, no biggie, went to bed and felt like total garbage today. The snot in my head is weighing it down so much that it has squished my neck into my shoulders. Well. Not really, but it feels like that. I can barely keep it up. I think it might be a cold. This is what the cold virus looks like. This is what could be floating around my body! Can I get a collective EWWWE? EWWWWE!

But I guess it could be worse! I could have the FLU virus runnin around on vacation inside my body. And the spikes on this one look like they could really do some damage! Maybe that is why you feel like death with you have the flu... HMMM??

And since these all look so neat up close, I'm going to include some other virus pictures too. LOL Maybe I am strange..

Chicken Pox...

Simplexvirus - The herp!

Yellow Fever..

Okay I'm done now lol

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  1. is it wrong to want yellow fever cause it's so pretty? I think i'll just print out the picture and frame it. I think that would work better for me.


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