Friday, March 13, 2009

Come On, Really?

Today I am listening to a CD at work, in between phone calls. My good friends may remember it: Holy Cow This Rocks, Vol. 2: Bring On The Summer. And just in case you guys were wondering, it does still rock.

So today the Today show was on my TV while I was getting ready, and it seems all the time now its about missing children who usually end up dead, which just makes me want to cry. And the parents get on TV and cry and seem like they are really upset about what is happening, like good parents, and all they want is their child back at home with them.. And then you learn a little more. Like Casey Anthony, who said her daughter was taken by the babysitter, but was not reported missing for like a month, while she was out partying and getting a makeover. And then Ronald Cummings' daughter Haleigh has been missing since February 9th or 10th, and we saw him crying on the news, it was so sad, another poor child missing. And then this past weekend, Ronald (who is 25) proposes to his 17 year old girlfriend at Chili's. And they got married yesterday.. Is this really what you do when your daughter is missing? How are we supposed to think that they are innocent of any wrongdoing, and have nothing to do with it if they are going to act this way?

And okay, I'll be the first to admit, I've never had a child, much less had to deal with one go missing. But I just can't imagine that while my child is missing, taken by a stranger, or someone we knew, being away from home, going through God knows what, that I'd would be out partying or proposing and getting married. All my energy would go to trying to find my child.

Am I the only one who thinks this way??


  1. Yup. your the only one that thinks this way.Just kidding. I find it maddening as well. I know you have to wait something like 24 hours before you can file a missing persons report, but dang, at 24 hours and 1 minute i'm filing that report. geeze louise.

  2. shut up! All you do is complain on here. I have no idea who you are, but most normal people are actually working. Wah Wah, freaking cry baby. STFU!

  3. Anonymous - don't fucking read it then. And for a person to have such a strong opinion, its disappointing that you're too much of a bitch to leave a name.

  4. Wow. Anonymous is a bit rude. Dosen't blogging mean expressing your thoughts and feelings? And some people are lucky enough to have internet at work and the ability to multi task which means work and be on the internet. Amazing concept, huh? Ignore it Sharoni. Stupidity isn't worth it.

  5. Ok this comment is for the anonymous person. You are a *F*ing douch you have no right to say that what so ever. Wow really you put people down for caring about kids well let me tell you one thing i have a son and so help me god if i were to talk about missing kids and you said that load of shit to me i would hunt you down and beat the living shit out of you. Its people like you that make this world such a bad place. And you say most normal people are working well i hate to tell you but most people care about what is going on with the kids in this world also as well as worink there asses off but we can all see your a lazy ass good for nothing poece of trash so go do yourself and cry your ass to sleep everynight like you probably already do!


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