Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I go back to the doctor next week, after my surgery, for the follow up, and hopefully to see what exactly is going on. What was the problem, what exactly they did, and what it means for the future baby having process. I have a whole list of questions that I am taking with me. And I think that my mom is going to go with me, cuz heads are better than one, and she might think of questions that I wouldn't know to ask, and she might hear stuff I don't notice. That kind of stuff. What I know now is that he said it would hurt when I ovulate. Well hell, that's not what a girl wants to hear, nothing says "let's get it on and make a baby" quite like, "ouch, my insides hurt!", totally a mood killer.

My husband has the flu. Yucko. Thank goodness I don't catch stuff like that very easily. I think its because God gave me this migraine disease nonsense, so He keeps most of the other yuckiness away. Thanks! Speaking of migraines... I was supposed to go out on Saturday for my birthday, to my favorite place to go out to, The Loony Bin. It is always so so so much fun, and I had been looking forward to it for weeks. So, of course, I woke up about 4am on Saturday with the worst migraine I've had in a while. I took my new medicine, Axert, but I think at this point, it was already too far gone for that to help, because it didn't do anything, and then I puke. And when that happens, its all over. So I threw up for the next 4 hours straight, about every 5 minutes. My mom came and picked me up and took me to the emergency clinic, I was dehydrated I could barely walk to the car, no good. But 30 minutes and a shot of heaven later, I could barely walk back to my apartment, but I made it all the way to my couch with my pillows and blankets and slept. For hours. I woke up about 4:30, still had a headache, still groggy, still mad at the world for ruining my plans. I had to cancel the comedy club. Luckily, I guess, 4 of the 8 people who were supposed to go, had already cancelled. So, we'll go another time..

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