Thursday, May 6, 2010

Its Only Thursday

Wow. This has been a semi-awful week so far. But I feel like I've got a lot done..

Monday I was so sick with a migraine, it was horrible. I called my doctor and got in to see him, he gave me a shot and sent me home to rest. Luckily it helped enough for me to be able to function so I could go get the CT scan on my sinuses that afternoon. I was very impressed with the facility where I got the CT done. After going the family medicine building across the street (which made me feel dirty, and it smelled like disease), and their TWO scheduling screw ups, I was nervous about going.

Then when I get home from the CT about 4:30 in the afternoon,  I walk up to my apartment only to find that they have just painted concrete outside my door. It had probably been sitting there maybe 10 minutes, so it was still super sticky. I wasn't going to just sit and wait for it to dry, I figured I could just hurry up and run to my door, get in, and all would be good. I figured wrong. My flip flops got stuck in the paint, so when I took another step, my foot went, but the shoe didn't. So then I'm barefoot on this wet sticky paint. Grrr. I finally got my door unlocked and open, but I can't just walk in with my paint feet, so I take off my jacket and try to wipe all the paint off so I can get into the tub and scrub them clean. And then I remembered that my shoes were still out there stuck in the paint. Seriously. Who's bright effing idea was it to paint outside everyone's door at 4:30 in the afternoon. That is when the majority of people are getting home from work. After that I slept for a couple hours, until I got a knock on the door.

I left my keys in my door. How nice of my neighbor's kid to tell me that. How nice that no one stole my keys and then my car.

Tuesday my head still hurt. Shocker right? My doctor's nurse called me to tell me the results of my CT, or more correctly, she called to tell me basically nothing. "You have chronic sphenoid sinusitus which may require surgery. But that's all his notes say." Gee. Thanks for nothing. I also got all of my charts to Jeffrey Tambor on Tuesday so he can decide if he will add Clomid or Femara this month. Lets make a baby! I'm still waiting to hear back from him. I'll give him 'til after lunch..

Yesterday was the big day. New neurologist day. I get so nervous going to see new doctors. I'm afraid they are going to make me feel stupid, make me feel like a big baby, or make me feel like its all in my head. I've had plenty of them talk to me like I'm an idiot because I didn't go to medical school. Well duh I didn't go to medical school, if I did, I wouldn't have to spend all my money to go see these jokers, who never help me. This guy is different. Dr. Everythingsgonnabealright gives me hope. HOPE. Seriously. Its been a long time since I've had hope about my headaches. We talked about the stuff that I've tried that  hasn't worked, he did lecture me about not taking the tryptans RIGHT away when I feel a migraine coming on (but seriously, when I only get 9 pills per month, if I take them right when I feel it, I'd be out of pills after a week). But I will try. He gave me a short term game plan. And we all know I always feel better with a plan!

- Amitriptyline as a preventive, taken at night since it will make me sleepy. It should help prevent the migraines, and help me sleep at night. Two birds, one pill. I LIKE IT!
- Treximet at the first sign of a migraine, pause whatever I am doing, take it, and then continue. If I wait til its a full migraine, I've already lost the battle.
- Midrin if the Treximet doesn't help, and I can take up to 4 per day if I need.
- After a month, if there's no difference in my headaches, especially me waking up with one, he's going to order a sleep study, and put me in the hospital for at least 3 days with a DHE IV going 24 hours. That should stop the cycle.

And he gave me samples of Treximet, a coupon for 25-50 dollars off the Treximet, and a sucker. He spoke to me and my mother like we were actual people. He looked us in the eye, held a converstaion, answered questions. The nurse was really nice, she came to check on me while I was checking out, to make sure everything went okay. All in all, I'm impressed with Dr. Everythingsgonnabealright, and I think that this could be the start of good things.

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  1. Hope your migraines get better, yikes! Loved the flip flop story :-)


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