Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Have No Speech Prepared

Hold the phone ya'll. I have TWO blog awards. Yes, you read that right. Not one, but two. I know that I've been a blog slacker lately, so it really means and extra lot that these two ladies awarded me. Part of these blog awards is picking other bloggers to give them to. One of them has me pick 12, the other has me pick 7. I'm just going to combine my picks and they can pick one or both awards if they want them. (Is that cheating? Probably, but you know me, R-E-B-E-L. Muahahaha!)

Jen over at What Would Jen Do passed this lovely award to me back on July 12th (blog slacker, I KNOW!), and its means a lot. When it seems like all I've written lately is sad and gloomy, getting a Sunshine Award just makes me smile. She really is a neat blogger, and yesterday she told me to rest because I could vacuum anytime. You HAVE to love a person that gives you permission to rest! Thanks so much!

The Rules for the Sunshine Award:
Display the award on your blog, thank and link back to the person that gave it to you and pass it on to 12 other deserving bloggers. (I'm doing it at the end, remember!)

Holly over at Ready To Be A Mom gave this one to me, along with a really touching blurb. Holly has been so brave in keeping us all in the know about her journey with IVF, letting us be there to support her through the anxiety, and the miscarriage after her first attempt. She's pregnant again and we're all so full of hope for her and her husband this time around. With all that is going on with her, she is ALWAYS there with words of encouragement, and asks how I'm doing. She is such a special individual that I feel blessed to have come to know.

Here is how the Versatile Blogger Award works:

1. Thank and talk about whoever gave you the award.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Give this award to 7 other bloggers who you think rock!

Seven Facts About Me???

1. I hate cats. Hate with a passion, will never have one. Sometimes the evil beings get around my defenses in the form of kittens, but I do eventually realize they grow into cats, and I snap out of it.
2. I submit poems into contests. Most of them are old ones from when I was really sad and angry. Very emo. LOL.
3. I have an obsession with notebooks and planners. Seriously. This year I've had 4 different planners. I write big, so most planners just get on my nerves. I think I finally found one that will work for me. It has one page for each day. So I can write as big as I want, and not run out of room.
4. I color my hair a lot. My natural hair color is like seeing hair in a black and white movie. Its not gray, there's just not any color. Right now its Foxy Brown, but its been almost every color.
5. I feel like a poser when I listen to all my favorite music. I love the emo/pump/screamo music, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Fall Out Boy, etc. I could really relate to the songs when I younger and everything sucked, but now that I am happily married, I can't really relate. But I love them still just the same.
6. I'm addicted to song lyrics. For realz. When I hear a song lyric that I like, especially ones that are snarky, I will write them down and use them in my daily life, my tweets, my fb updates, everything. It kind of drives people nuts, lol.
7. I won Geography Bee when I was in 5th grade. Yes, I am THAT awesome.

And now to pass along these beautiful awards!

1. Jenny @ Among the Blossoms - She is so cute, and so fun. And she's starting back to work after her summer vacation!
2. Tillie @ A Nuttier Life - She's so caring and full of encouragement!
3. Kate @ Busted Plumbing - She routinely blogs about farting, and that's just awesome. AND she's having a baby boy, exciting!
4. Jenny @ Road to Happily Ever After - She JUST found out she's pregnant, and there isn't anyone out there who deserves it more.
5. Kaitlyn @ Ah.. My Married Life - She's adorable, and has awesome pics on her blog.
6. Mrs. Graves @ Family Plots - She's hysterical, and fun, and she gets to use a spooky theme for her blog, that's so cool!
7. Heidi @ Migraine-Free Cooking - If you suffer from migraines, you should be following her blog and her tweets, she is a river of useful info! And super sweet as well!
8. Tiffany @ PCOS Success - She's a cute seven months pregnant!
9. Parin @ Sparkling with Crystals - One of my most favorite people. She is always there when I am feeling down, or being dumb. She lets me vent and offers amazing insight.
10. Roxanne @ Quest for Baby Hang - She is such a strong person. She's struggling through many of her own health issues, and her husband's deployment.
11. Becca @ Liberal Granola Girl - She's just amazing. No other words. Too awesome : )
12. Fertility Chick @ Fertility Chick - Going through her own struggles, she still keeps a pretty good sense of humor. I think I'm still chuckling at some stuff she's said.

There ya go! Thank you all once again for all your love and support, means more than I can ever say!



  1. well you CAN vacuum anytime!!!

  2. Congrats on the award.

  3. You DARLING you!!

    Can I have the Versatile Blogger? I try to mix things up every now and then. XD

    Love you, sweetie! :-*

  4. Yay thanks for the awards!

    And congrats on getting them yourself! :)


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