Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Little Rambling Anyone?

I'm up late. Later than usual. Well, not really. But usually when I'm up this late I'm laying in bed wishing I was asleep. But I've been in bed all evening, not really sleeping, just resting, my head has been killing me all day long. I finally broke down and took a couple pain pills. Its helped ease the pain, or at least make it where I don't care so much anymore. 

Have you read Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist? Its a short book, but so good. Better than the movie. I'm watching the movie right now, in the living room so my husband can sleep (he doesn't get weekends off). It reminds me of when I was younger, going to see rock shows at small clubs all the time. Not high school young like in Nick and Norah, but 20-24ish. Mostly I'd go with my two best girlfriends, and we had a blast. My favorite club venue was The Green Door, I saw Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is, Midtown, The Rocket Summer, and tons of local bands. It was such an intimate setting, so it was great for seeing rock shows. There was another club just a few buildings down from that one where we saw Straylight Run, and that was a nice little venue too.

My favorite big concert venue is The Diamond Ballroom. Its big enough to get bigger shows, but small enough for it to still have an intimate feel to it. That's where I saw my first "non 'NSync" concert. Bowling For Soup headlined, Simple Plan and GOB opened. I went with a friend from high school, and we fought and pushed our way to the front before Bowling For Soup started, and it was amazing. We were smashed up against the bar, burning up, sweating, and having a blast. We paid the security guys 5 bucks to go get us a 2 dollar bottle of water. We were NOT leaving our spot once we made it up there. That night was a life changing experience for me. It opened my eyes to a whole new world for me. Before that I was like Kool-aid and animal crackers, and after I was more like a Martini and sushi. It just broadened my views. It was the start of many rock shows for me, Bowling For Soup being the band I've seen the most, because they are my most favorite.

Its strange. I'm totally in love with the life that I have now, however boring some people might think it is. I love coming home every night to my husband, and just hanging out, goofing off, being together. I get excited when we have nothing planned and can just "be". But I miss part of the life that I had before. I miss the excitement of going to the shows, the fun of waiting in line to get into shows or to buy tickets, the road trips to see them. But what I miss the most was how close I felt to my friends. I know that its part of growing up, some friends grow in different directions. Some people change, I can't even say for the better or for the worse, they just change. And some people don't. Some of my friends are still in the party scene, some of my friends are wives and moms taking care of their family.

Sometimes I wonder if they miss the past times we had as much as I do.

And, I don't want anyone to misinterpret what I am saying, I LOVE where I am at right now, my life, with all the struggles, is better than I ever imagined it could be. So no lectures about how I should be happy with what I have.

This has just been a bunch of late night pain medicine rambling. But oh well.


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