Friday, March 4, 2011

Peace Out 27

Well, as of today, 27 is in the history books. Twenty-eight is laid out before me. Hopefully its like the yellow brick road that will lead me to the Wizard who will grant my deepest wishes. It better not be like the red brick road, I'm pretty sure that leads to the witch's castle with all the flying monkey/men with furry hats. and I'm not down with that.

I'm not gonna lie, 27 kinda sucked. It was a year of heartache for me. But its not like me to only focus on the bad, I am naturally an optimistic person. So here I am going to be a little glass half full.

Reasons Why 27 DIDN'T Blow:

1. I made it through alive. Sure, you may take this for granted, but there are times when I don't think I'll physically survive the day.

2. I got back in touch with some old friends (I'm talkin' about you Julie (both), Matt, Shanna, Amber, Noni, and so many more!).

3. My two oldest friends had babies (Cheers to you Diana and Melissa!).

4. I became an aunt to possibly the coolest baby ever (for now anyway..).

5. Everyone else had babies (Yay Tami and Chrissy!).

6. I got cool stuff: Kindle, the penguin night light from my grandparents, DVR, my new Evo.

7. I had the constant love and support of my husband, family, and friends, for all the yucko things I was dealing with. Best part of it all.

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  1. Happy birthday! I think #7 is something to take great comfort in.



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