Friday, November 11, 2011

Just a Note

Dear Angel,

We were supposed to meet you today. I know your entrance would have been an awesome event. I know you would have been a rock star from the first moment you were here. Its amazing how much I miss you, even though we never got to meet face to face. Every day I think about you. Every day I'm sad that we lost you so soon, but at the same time, I'm so thankful that you were with me, even for just a little bit. You taught me what real joy feels like. For a little while, my life was perfect, because of you. Thank you.

Its been a long and hard time since you've been gone, but I know that I'm getting stronger every day. I know that you're up there with God. He knows that I'm not mad at Him for bringing you to him so soon, He needed you more than we did. And your daddy and I hope to give you a little brother or sister sometime, and I know that you'll watch out over us all every day.

I think your purpose was to save me. You saved me from the dispair and failing faith I had. And now that I know that, I won't let my faith fail again. It would let you and God down.

I love you.



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