Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thoughts I Have..

When I see a woman putting make-up on while driving in the car (starting from the beginning):


·         Gee, thanks for cutting me off!


·         Now how about you step on the effing gas!


·         OMG, GO!


·         Whoa there lady, stay in your lane!


·         What are you even doing right now?!


·         You're giving women drivers everywhere a bad name.


·         Fine, eff this, consider yourself passed.


·         (As I'm passing).. Oh of freaking course, your putting on your make up.


·         Seriously?




·         OMG. I can't even.




·         I swear to you, if you hit me, I will come unglued on you beyond your craziest nightmares. You've never seen my crazy!


·         Gah, chicks are the worst.


·         Oh great, please, move behind me!


·         Yes, morning traffic on the highway seems like the perfect time to apply your mascara!


·         OMG, they are braking in front of us, please pay attention.


·         PAY ATTENTION!


·         I dislike you so much right now.


·         Your make up won't even look good you twit! I'm offended as a make-up addict right now!


·         Seriously, you're making women everywhere look so bad.


My life this morning on the drive to work.

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