Monday, August 24, 2009

Sad State

I'm no stranger to the migraine game, I've been dealing with them for a long while. The older I get, the worse they seem to get. And right now, its ridiculous. In August, I have been to emergency three different times. And last night they made me wait two hours, "to make sure I wasn't just a drug seeker". It is embarrassing. They tell me I need to get help from my neurologist, that's what I try to do! My neuro always tells me to go to the emergency room when my Treximet doesn't work, and it only works about 50% of the time. I called my neurologist today, left a message, stating that I needed help, I shouldn't be reduced to having to go somewhere for help three times in a week, I can't afford it, and its not right. He called me back and left a voicemail telling me that I probably need to add a different medication, and to get in to see him soon and we can discuss it. I don't want to discuss medication, I want help! I need a back up/rescue/HELP ME plan! I need to feel normal!

I can feel the depression starting, I'm tired and I'm frustrated. I don't know how to word what it is that I am feeling, I just want to cry. Everyday. Even when my head doesn't hurt, because I know that it will hurt. I'm going to try to formulate a plan.. Hopefully with help from my neurologist, because I can't do it on my own.

Maybe I'm not wording my questions and problems correctly to my doctor, and that's why I'm not getting any help.. How would you word it?


  1. A good neurologist should give you an "out" aside from emergency rooms. I'm on my fifth neuro - don't be afraid to find another one if yours isn't meeting your needs.

    My current neuro gave me an emergency concoction of phenergan, toradol and seroquel (two of mine are generics) which I can take when nothing else works and the pain is unbearable.

    If you've already tried these, there may be something else out there that you can reserve for emergencies.

    Good luck!

  2. it sounds like your neuro doesn't have a freaking clue about Migraine. If he can't help you find someone more qualified, you need to dig around. check out Help for Headaches, Teri has a list of Migraine specialists in just about every state. Hope you're well soon


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