Thursday, June 24, 2010

What To Do..

I'm doing some blog thinking the past few days, as another blog post of mine might have possibly contained something that could be construed as a threat of physical violence to someone who I don't even work with. (The person I was referring to in that post isn't someone I work with.)

The fact is that I don't write about work. I have in the past, but when drama went on (that had nothing to do with my blog), I went through and deleted them. I used to be at wordpress, because I could password protect individual posts. After I moved to blogspot, I deleted all the posts that had anything to do with work. I just don't need that added drama in my life. I don't write about work, or anyone at work, to protect myself.

But now, I am having to self-edit every time I write. Editing myself! Can you imagine?! I'm always worried now about what I write. Who will end up with hurt feelings? Who's going to take something the wrong way and cause problems? Who is so immature and vain that they will always think I'm talking about them when in fact it probably has zero to do with them (channelling my inner Carly Simon!)? Honestly, it makes me want to not write anymore.

I'm proud of my blog, I'm proud of the thought that I put into writing, the way that I am able to show some true emotion on it. And the thought of not writing makes me sad, but the thought of so much drama coming from what I write.

Its not effing necessary! I don't write about work, I don't use names unless I have asked them and they said it was okay, I don't use obscene language (maybe just some obscene letters), and I don't make fun of people. I write about me, my life, and what I am feeling about things.

Short of deleting this blog, I'm not sure what to do.

**This is not a post about how I'm mad at anyone in particular. I'm glad when things get brought to my attention, because I honestly hate hurting or upsetting anyone. Its just a post about being frustrated.**



  1. I"m sorry you are dealing with this! It is your blog and ultimately it is written for you! you should be able to write whatever you want and/or feel, if someone else does not like what you have to say they don't have to read it. *hugs* hope you don't delete

  2. If you have to delete this because other people that is a shame. Boohoo!

  3. If somebody is reading that kind of thing in your blogging, that's kind of a serious issue actually.

    Everybody has to self censor all the time. Not really a way around it in our society that I know of.

    It can be a fine line between self expression and self exposure. CYOA is always the best policy!

    Good luck to you.

  4. Do people know about your blog? I've tried to keep mine mostly a secret from the folks I work with. I'm so sorry you're going through this, I'm not even sure what's to be done besides changing the name and emailing the loyal followers?

  5. just found your blog. I say don't care. Life's got already too much for us to handle. this is also why i write anonymously because I really can vent out as much as possible without having to care about who will read and what they'll think. now my blog is my only outlet


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