Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's Play a Game..

Two games actually, aren't you excited?!

First game is called "What is growing in my sinus cavity?".

About a month ago, I went to the dreaded ENT. I'll start by saying that I am the biggest NONfan of having anything put up my nose. Ever. And if you've gone to the ENT for any kind of sinus issue, you know thats the first thing they do. Spray some numby stuff and stick a probe up your nose. And the probe is like a foot long. A FOOT LONG. It seems like they are knuckles deep up your nose, and my thought is "Um, where did that go? There is not 12 inches between the tip of my nose to the back of my head!". Its like a magic trick! Except this trick hurts me. As in OW.

Now, I know why it hurts. Back when I was in high school, I had sinus surgery to remove a cyst filling up my sphenoid sinus cavity. And it was horrible. The doctor didn't tell me then that I have a crooked septum. Mine is crooked like a Z. So that keeps the numby stuff from getting up into my sinus cavities, so it hurt. So last month, they took a culture of the "stuff" that was up in my sphenoid cavity, and when he did, (brace yourself, cuz this is gross) there was like black stuff in there. Like floating around in the other "stuff". And then the doctor says the three words you don't want to her.. "What is that?!". Um, YOU'RE the doctor, YOU should know. The culture came back and told us that I have(had) a staph infection up there. I asked if that was the black stuff, and the nurse said, it was probably mold.

Um, wait, what?

MOLD? She said the culture for mold and fungus takes 28 days to grow. WHO THE EFF GROWS MOLD IN THEIR HEAD?! Possibly, me. I go back to the ENT today. And the anxiety is already high from knowing that he's going to go back up my nose with his probe (sounds dirty, doesn't it? Pervs.), and I know that its going to hurt. I have my mom going with me, to ask questions I may not think of. And because she thinks I'll probably have to have surgery again. Eeek!

And I'll let you know whats growing up there in my head, don't worry!

The next game is called "What the frick was that?!"

The scenario.. I'm sitting at my desk, reading some email (or facebook, depending who I'm telling the story too ::wink wink::), and my computer monitor starts shaking. Strange. Then I realize that the floor is shaking, the walls are shaking, the trees outside are shaking. We could hear the building shaking. It didn't last very long, 20 seconds maybe.

It felt the same as when the bombing in downtown Oklahoma City happened. And I thought that something like that had happened, or a plane had crashed (we're just a few miles from the airport). It was scary. Scary scary.

If you answered "Earthquake", then you won the game. A 4.5 magnitude earthquake. About 20 miles away from where I'm at. Sure, some of you are like, what a 4.5? That's nothing. Well in Oklahoma city, THAT'S SOMETHING. If I never have to survive another one, I'll be totally okay with that!

So yes, this has been my Wednesday (so far), how has your day been?


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  1. I worked with a woman whose brother had a fungal infection in his sinuses. They did surgery and that fixed it.

    It's ok. If you have surgery they can fix your deviated septum while they're at it.


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