Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Months, They Don't Matter, Its the Days I Can't Take

Day 5 of 2011.

Day 3 of this headache.

Day 1 of this cycle.

Could this Wednesday suck any more? Jeez.

The good news about all this? Since its cycle day 1, I can take whatever medicine I need to help with the migraine without worrying. Bring on the Advil, too late for triptans though..

And this afternoon, I have to go get pictures of my nose. Seems strange? Yah, I thought so too. I'm supposed to have surgery on my sinuses this month. The doctor is going to go in and open up my sphenoid cavity completely. There's a bone in there that is like 10 times the size it should be due to chronic infection. Gross. Want to know something even more gross? (Too bad, I'm telling you anyway.) I have a constant river of puss in that cavity. Gag much. And staph infection. Double gag. So we had the surgery all scheduled, and then I get a call from my health insurance saying that it needs to be predetermined. My doctor has to send up the CT pictures, his report, and then actual pictures of my nose (hopefully just outside) to the insurance company. They have to make sure the surgery is based on cosmetic ground.

My nose isn't crooked.

So this shouldn't be a problem.

But you know me, I will worry until they say its all good. Because I can't afford the surgery without it being covered, and I need the surgery, because I can't run around with a staph infection all the time. Especially so close to my brain.

And maybe getting all this fixed will help with some of my migraines.


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